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It is important to understand why never to buy hamsters from pet stores. Pet stores don’t properly educate people on how to raise hamsters. It’s heartbreaking seeing hamsters being essentially abused due to the lack of education hamster’s needs.

Many big name pet stores get their hamsters from rodent mills. Buying from these pet stores perpetuates the abuse of innocent hamsters and other rodents being sold at pet stores and unfortunately to people who will not take proper care of them.

There are numerous benefits as to why you should adopt your furry friend from an ethical breeder or hamster rescue instead of a pet store. If you get your hamster from a breeder than you will know the lineage of your hamster, and most likely your hamster will be healthier.      

Below is a list of breeders In North America where you can ethically adopt a hamster:         



Strong Brew Hamstery – Burlington, Ontario

The Burrow Hamstery – 

Hathor Hamstery – Guelph, Ontario

Happy Hollow Hamster –  Nova Scotia


United States of America

Florida Nyx Hamstery – Florida

California Cheeks and Squeaks Hamsters – California

Arizona Home Sweet Hammy Home – Arizona

Colorado Rysa Hamstery – Colorado

Homegrown Hamsters – Alaska



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